SAMSUNG GE87M-X / XEC microwave



  • Grill


  • Convection


  • Advertised microwave power Info

    Advertised microwave power

    Maximum microwave power indicated by the appliance manufacturer.

    800 W

  • Advertised maximum electrical power Info

    Advertised maximum electrical power

    Maximum electrical power indicated by the appliance manufacturer.

    2.300 W

  • Installation

    Free installation

  • Type of controls Info

    Type of controls

    Type of timer and controls: analog or digital.


  • Minimum programmable time

    10 s

  • Maximum programmable time Info

    Maximum programmable time

    Maximum time that the microwave can be programmed.

    99 min

  • Maximum diameter of the chuck that can rotate Info

    Maximum diameter of the chuck that can rotate

    Maximum diameter of the plate that can be placed inside the microwave and rotated.

    280 mm

  • Door opening

    From left to right

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