Dryers BEKO DHS8412PA0



  • Type Info


    Evacuation dryer: the humid air is evacuated through an evacuation hose to the outside, so it is necessary to have an outlet to place the tube. They tend to have a lower price but the energy consumption is higher.

    Condenser dryer with resistance: the humid air is not evacuated to the outside, but they cause the humidity to condense through electrical resistances and the water generated is directed to a reservoir. They are more efficient than evacuation dryers and their installation is easier because they do not need an outlet to the outside to adapt the tube. Some offer the possibility of directing the water to a drain, but those that do not require that the water be removed from the tray every so often.

    Heat pump condenser dryer: its operation is similar to that of condenser dryers with resistance, but instead of heating the air by means of an electrical resistance, they do it with a heat pump. They stand out above all for their great energy efficiency and for being silent. They tend to have a higher price and the drying time is usually higher than in other types of dryers.

    Condensation-Heat pump

  • Cotton Loading Capacity

    8 kg

  • Synthetic load capacity

    4 kg

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